Industrial Automation Services

Industrial Automation Services

We have extensive experience developing industrial control solutions. We provide a variety of levels of support and service:

    1. Develop a complete control system from the ground up.
    2. Interface to an existing solution or architecture.
    3. Simply repair, update or modify your existing installation.

Zuno does not have any limitation on what control hardware providers that we can work with, however we have the most experience with:

• Rockwell Automation
    > Factory Talk
    > Studio 5000
    > RSLogix 500
• Opto22
    > PACProject
    > FactoryFloor
• DirectLogic
    > DirectSoft

We also develop intuitive HMIs for easy system operation, whether using an HMI tool such as FactoryTalk View (Rockwell), OptoDisplay (Opto22) or we develop a custom HMI solution.

Finally, Zuno supports and services existing control systems. If you have a legacy system that you need serviced, repaired or even redesigned we can provide that service on site or remotely.