Mission & Values

Mission & Values


Zuno Engineering is an applied engineering and technology company whose mission is to develop simple, innovative solutions to real world problems.


Trust – It begins with trust. We understand that the only reason Zuno exists is that our customers trust us to deliver on what we promise them. Our continued success is a testimony to the value we place on this quality.

Customer Service – The Customer’s needs are what we are paid to fulfill. We are so committed to satisfying these needs, that we have developed a 40 Point Project Process covering everything from inception to end-of-lifecycle issues. We use this process to ensure that we capture and execute the customer requirements efficiently and effectively.

Simplicity – We value the essence of “simplicity”. A simple solution to a problem is usually the most elegant, but not necessarily the easiest to achieve. French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal once said: "I am sorry I have had to write you such a long letter, but I did not have time to write you a short one". We understand the simple solution is less burdensome on the user and strive to simplify every aspect of our design.

Technology – We embrace technology and the tools it provides our world. Our engineers and scientists have both a deep and diverse technical background – giving us the ability to pair the appropriate technology to a solution. We are committed as a company to pursue technical growth to maintain this core competency.