We engineer a solution for your project from the ground up. Our team will complete an analysis of the entire system before developing a solution to your request. This allows us to spot potential pitfalls before they arise in the design process saving you development time.

At Zuno, our clients mean everything to us. We strive to be your trusted partner providing valuable engineering services at a reasonable cost, on time.

We will do whatever it takes to make your project a success.

Please feel free to contact us directly for a consultation. We can typically be on site within 48 hours to get you the services that you need - fast.

Please click on each step of the design phase below for more information.


When it comes to a new project, we approach it like a good conversation. This is our opportunity to sit with you and hear about your ideas, look at your existing system, talk to your staff…whatever it takes to understand your unique needs and goals. We will dream with you about what could be and give you the benefit of our knowledge and experience even if we don’t end up working together. After we've agreed on the basic scope and budget of the project, conversations and discovery continue at deeper level in the design phase.


Our goal is to discover your specific requirements and help you design a system that meets them—which usually means putting some questions or ideas on the table that haven’t been considered yet. We also make sure to respect your budget and timeline. Once you like what you see, you set the priorities and we make it a reality.


Typically on the first design iteration, we build a prototype system: If this is an industrial control product, we build a demonstration system with simulated inputs and outputs. If the product is a circuit design, we produce a demonstration hand soldered board. If the product is a signal processing or algorithmic product we provide a simulation of the system.

The following design iterations are then typically focused on a production ready solution.

We provide regular customer reviews and enjoy being in contact with you to make sure we’re completing your work efficiently, according to best practices, on time, and within budget.


After the prototype or production product has been created we deliver and demonstrate the unit to you. We also provide a documentation package containing all of the documentation we have created along the way.


We discuss your system as a team. You let us know what you like, what you don’t, and what new ideas you’ve discovered. We collect and document all of this information and then present it back to you in an organized fashion. If there’s more work to be done, we start the next iteration of the design process.