Developing Intelligent Solutions

Zuno is an electrical engineering and automation services company. Our talented and experienced engineers have a broad range of skills in electrical, systems and automation engineering. We focus in industrial automation, electronic product design, image/signal processing, machine vision, and embedded software solutions.

Electronic Design Services

At Zuno we can transform your idea into a final product, starting with just a basic outline of your needs we can design your system, capture the schematic, layout the PCB and create a prototype within weeks.

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Industrial Automation Services

Zuno engineering is your trusted industrial automation solutions provider. We are a Rockwell Automation system integrator with trained engineers on staff to handle your needs. Whether you need repairs or upgrades to an existing system or an entire new control system - we are here for you.

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Image and Signal Processing

Our engineering staff has a strong background in image and signal processing. We have developed many signal processing solutions, for a variety of clients.

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Engineers at Zuno Engineering Develop 1000VDC DC to DC Converter

Engineers at Zuno Engineering have successfully developed a 1000VDC to 220VDC 7.1kW DC-DC converter. This design utilizes a phase shifted full bridge topology to accurately and efficiently (~95%) convert the fluctuating (450-1000VDC) input to a clean 220VDC output. This system is also galvanically isolated and has controls for power enable and voltage and current feedback allowing the system to operate as part of a larger power converter system. Zuno will soon be developing the production ready PCB from the prototype in the photo displayed.

Zuno Engineering Completes Rockwell Automation Motion Control Course

Zuno Engineering has completed another training course from Rockwell Automation in Indianapolis, IN covering motion control using servo drives and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). The completion of this course allows the engineers at Zuno to deploy and maintain motion control solutions quickly to our customers. Zuno is slated to be certified in Rockwell Automation programming mid July 2015.

Zuno now offering Thermal Imaging Service and Analysis

Zuno Engineering now has access to thermal imaging equipment so that we can provide thermal analysis of electronic cooling issues on high power PCB applications. Below is an image of a high power lighting design, you can see that the FET and current sense resistor is much hotter than the rest of the circuit at it is conducting the most power, however it is still well within temperature specs for the parts. This type of analysis will allow for Zuno Engineers to accurately troubleshoot, diagnose and fix thermal issues in PCB designs.

Zuno Engineering is now a Rockwell Automation System Integrator

Zuno Engineering is now a System Integrator for Rockwell Automation. This allows us access to all of the development tools from Rockwell Automation as well as training and technical support directly from Rockwell Automation. Becoming a System Integrator allows us to help our customers solve production issues quickly with minimal risk.

Zuno Engineers receive official training on Rockwell Automation software and Allen Bradley hardware at Kendall Electric

Engineers from Zuno have completed two official courses from Rockwell Automation to work towards becoming Rockwell Automation Certified Programmers. While the engineers at Zuno are hold degrees in Electrical and / or Computer Engineering from ABET accredited universities, specialized training courses from the manufacturer are an invaluable resource.